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Last name :  Ball
First name :  John
Age :  26
Sex :  Male
Country :  Canada
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To tradeSHARP  MZ 100Battery dead, disks duplicatesworkscablesdocumentationsmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Crimson SerieCrimson RE and it's a low seriworksmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Indigo SeriesPurchase from net friendworkscablesmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Indigo SeriesBog-standard R4K boxworks
SILICON GRAPHICS  Indy SeriesR4400 with ATM NICworks
SILICON GRAPHICS  Indy SeriesR4600 systemworks
SILICON GRAPHICS  Octaneworksmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Onyxwith RE2 graphicsworksmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Orgin-2000SSE graphics installed!worksmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Personal-IrisIt's a 4D/20 with 64 meg ram!workscablesmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Power Indigo-2Equipped with Elan graphics anworksmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Power Indigo-2Fitted with EXtreme graphicsworksmore info
SILICON GRAPHICS  Power Indigo-2Purple R10K with Elan graphics and Phobos NICworks
SILICON GRAPHICS  Power Indigo-2Purple R10K with Max Impact and FDDI NICworks
SINCLAIR  ZX 81  Belonged to my uncle.doesn't workboxedcablesdocumentationsmore info
SINCLAIR  ZX 81  My second ZX!worksboxedcables
SUN  Enterprise Server xxx SerieEnterprise 3000worksmore info
SUN  SPARCstation SeriesSPARCstation IPCworksmore info
SUN  SPARCstation SeriesSPARCstation1+worksmore info
SUN  SPARCstation SeriesSPARCstation 20 cloneworksmore info
TANDY  Color Computer 2  freebieworksboxedcablesdocumentationsmore info
TANDY  TRS-80 Model I  Expansion box and two floppy drivesworkscablesdocumentations
TANDY  TRS-80 Model II  With CP/M!workscablesmore info


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