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Last name :  Krejci
First name :  Jan
Age :  43
Sex :  Male
Country :  Czech Republic
Web Site :  Chain's H.Q.
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To tradeACT  Xen-i /PC /SXEN-S (386), product number noworksmore info
AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES (ESCOM)  A1200HDMagic pack, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzardworksboxedcablesdocumentationsmore info
AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES (ESCOM)  A1200HDMagic pack, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzarworksboxedcablesdocumentationsmore info
APPLE  Power Macintosh 8600 seriesSonnet Crescendo G3/300, TwinTworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 1000  NTSC version, perfect conditioworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 1200  Blizzard 1230-IV 50MHz, 64MB Rworksboxedcablesdocumentationsmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 1200  Blizzard 1230-II 40MHz, 32MB Rworksboxedcablesdocumentationsmore info
To tradeCOMMODORE  Amiga 1200  reset not working&yellowed keyworksboxedcablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 2000  Kick 2.04+3.1 switch, Oktagon2workscablesdocumentationsmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 2000  WB 1.2, A2088XT emul. card, 1workscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 3000 / 16 / 25 / T / +  A3000T, GVP GForce040 card, SCworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 3000 / 16 / 25 / T / +  A3000D, 12MB+48MB RAM, GVP IV2more info
COMMODORE  Amiga 4000 / 30 / 40 / T  A4000D Cyberstorm MK-II 060/50workscablesmore info
To tradeCOMMODORE  Amiga 500  Yellowed, 1.2 ROMS engraved chworkscables
COMMODORE  Amiga 500  1.2 ROMS engraved chickenheadworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 500  1.2 ROM, red powerworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 500  512k chip, 512k Fast, A501 RAMworksmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 500  DIY 1MB chip, A590 harddriveworksboxedcablesdocumentations
COMMODORE  Amiga 500 "design"Balls design, 1.2 ROM, hard plworkscables
COMMODORE  Amiga 500 Plus  2MB chip, 8MB fast RAM, multieworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 600  v1.5 board, 2MB chip, 2MB fasworkscablesmore info
To tradeCOMMODORE  Amiga 600  slightly yellowed, no shieldinworkscables
COMMODORE  Amiga 600 HD  30MB orig. 2.5" HDD, 37.300 ROworkscablesdocumentations
COMMODORE  C 64g  + datasette, 1541 floppy and cworkscablesmore info
COMMODORE  CDTV  Keyboard, caddy, intro disc, fworkscablesdocumentations


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