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Last name :  Dragodan
First name :  Adrian
Age :  39
Sex :  Male
Country :  Romania
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ACORN COMPUTER  BBC Master 128  workscablesmore info
ACORN COMPUTER  BBC Model B  worksmore info
ACORN COMPUTER  BBC Model B  worksmore info
AMSTRAD  CPC 464  With a GT 65 green monitorworkscablesdocumentations
ATARI  Mega ST-1With SM124 monochrome monitorworkscablesdocumentationsmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 1200  French keyboardworksboxedcablesmore info
COMMODORE  Amiga 500  German keyboard; terribly yellworksmore info
COMMODORE  C 128D  worksmore info
COMMODORE  C 64c  Actually a C64G board in a C64workscablesmore info
COMMODORE  C 64g  doesn't workcablesmore info
ELECTRONICA  CIP 03  workscablesdocumentations
IPTVT  MicroTIM  without PSUworks
IPTVT  MicroTIM  worksboxedcables
IPTVT  MicroTim+  My first computerworksboxedcablesdocumentations
SCHNEIDER  EURO-PCWith orange monochrome monitorworkscables
SINCLAIR  ZX Spectrum  doesn't workmore info
SINCLAIR  ZX Spectrum  more info


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