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Galaxy Invasion  rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4

Galaxy Invasion was the second game released by Big Five Software. It was directly inspired by arcade hit Galaxian released one year earlier.

This version includes a special feature not found in the original game: the flagship attack! Sometimes, there is a flagship attack alert. You then have a few seconds to destroy the flagships or they will strike you with their powerful beam (no escape possible)!

Bill Hogue, the programmer, said about Galaxy Invasion:

I'm still really proud of the game play on Galaxy. I was living at my parent's house when I wrote this one and I remember lying in my bed in the darkened room at night watching the glow of the little aliens flying around the screen. Galaxy didn't originally have sound effects but they were added later in a special edition that featured some additional graphic tricks as well. To get sound on a TRS-80 you used a small amplified speaker plugged into the cassette output port. All of the later games I wrote had sound built-in. Super Nova was the only game that never had sound.


    Galaxy Invasion was inspired by Galaxian (*multiple ports*)


title screen

menu / options

flagship attack alert!

only one alien left

game over

you made it into the top 10!

LINKS - review of the game
 Big Five Software website - very interesting about Big Five Software TRS-80 games


Source : Big Five Software website

year of release 1980
companies Big Five Software
type game
media tape & disk
systems Tandy TRS-80
number of players 1 - 2 players (alternate)
staff Bill Hogue, Jeff Konyu
tags shoot them up, space

rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4
one of the best games ever made for the TRS-80! Ship movements are smooth and the realisation is perfect. Bravo Mr Bill Hogue!

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