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Moria  rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1
also known as The mines of Moria

RPG game inspired by Tolkien's books

Moria is a game inspired by Tolkien's book "The Lord of the Rings." This is probably its only quality ...

Welcome to the Mines of Moria. As you may recall from the book Lord of the Rings, the mines of Moria are the ancient home of Durin's folk: the dwarves. Long deserted, the mines contain old hoards of jewels and gold guarded by the ancient, evil terrors of the earlier ages. You will find yourself inside and your problem will be to get yourself out alive!

The only way out is to arrive at the exit (wherever that is) carrying Durin's ring - the last of the seven. You first have to find the ring.

The mines of Moria are represented by a grid of 36 cases (6 x 6) on several levels. You move with N, S, E and W keys. You will discover several objects randomly scattered around the mine (jewels, armor, weapons, potions, etc.) but also monsters (Trolls, Orcs, Warga and Balrog).

You can fight monsters or retreat, which is a better solution against a Balrog if you have not found any armour or weapon yet!

You will also meet traders from which you can buy strength and wound salves, and Wizard who will sell you spells (to open doors)

The graphics are really poor. The mine grid only use 1/4 of the screen, and that's it! Worse, the grid is erased each time there's text interaction with the player (fight, trader, wizard, etc.) and redrawn again from zero, preventing you from remembering what cases you already visited!!

The game really looks like it's been programmed in Basic (and it must have).

The only interesting feature is that the mines are different each time you start a game. Objects, monsters, traders, wizards, stairways, the exit and the ring are placed randomly for each game.


title screen

title screen

please wait while the ring is hidden

you have met an orc

you are warped to another level...

trade with the merchant

floor N°5

you have met a Balrog... RUUUNNNN!

you have found the entrance of the Moria...

... but do you have the ring ?

game over



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year of release 1984
companies Severn Software
type game
media tape
systems Oric compatible systems
number of players 1 player
staff Adrian Sheppard
tags medieval fantastic, role playing game, Tolkien

rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1
Really a bad game, although I have fond memories playing this game on my old Oric for hours. It was one of the first RPG game available for the Oric and it was Lord of the Rings inspired!

But today, playing it again, really makes me realise how bad it was. The programmers could have done a little better with more motivation and imagination.

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