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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  AMIGA 4000 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message! For other purposes like sales messages, hardware & software questions or information requests, please use our main forum.

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Thursday 9th February 2012
Lars Lindström (Sweden)

Amiga 4000/040 was the last Amiga I owned. It was rather expensive compared to other Amigas in Sweden about 20000 kr 1993 (about 3000$) Before that I had A500, A500+ And A1200. Amigas was great machines and I miss the good old Amiga Times. I rebuilt my Amiga 4000 to a Tower-model and equipped it whith a PPC accelerator (200MHZ) and 256 meg memory, made by germain company Phase5 in 1998. I used it for many purposes and got a new interest in 3D graphics using the 3D programs like lightwawe and Tornado3D. No other computer from those years was close to making such stunning fotorealistic 3D images. It also had great wideocapabilities and I bought a Genlock to mix video/computergraphics and a wideograbber called vlabmotion to computerize analogue video. Me and a friend made a cd-rom (HTML-based) about car-repair and car/mc technology in the end of the 90-ties. This CD-rom consisted of videos and 3D graphics and other stuff and was all made by 2 A4000. In 2005 i sold my A4000 something I regret today. But I still like 3D graphics working with it om my uptodate PC (that has about 1000 times faster clockspeed and 40 times bigger memory) but the PC feels like about the same speed as the A4000. So for me its hard to understand that Amiga run out of buisiness as the OS is far superior to PC and Mac. But still I can run AmigaOS om my PS thanx to Amigaforever emulation made by Italian company Cloanto. But maybe I will by another used A4000 again, I still have my videograbber and genlock. Many Amigans like me was waiting for new models in many years but unfortunately they never came on the market (exept the AmigaOne that had a short lifetime on the market as there were few programs developed for that computer.)

Sunday 11th September 2011
Conrad (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Some of the information in the main text body is incorrect, in addition to 3 ISA slots and 1 AGA video slot, there are also 4 Zorro III slots for cards designed specifically for Amigas. The ISA slots are not active, in their factory configuration they only provide power lines. You need a bridgeboard that connects to both a Zorro and an ISA slot to make them active. The Zorro III slots are also backwards compatible with Zorro II cards, such as cards designed for the Amiga 2000.

Monday 5th September 2011
ProgMizer (USA)

Software hut is still selling most versions of the amigas there web site address is

Friday 27th February 2004
brandon (Pasadena,California)

Where can i get a Amiga 400 CHEAP with Video Toaster installed in it ????

Wednesday 26th February 2003
Joseph Feero (Watertown Ct)

where can i get some prices

Monday 24th February 2003
xaccrocheur (Paris)

This machine is a killer. I mean, this is ALL one need as a main computer, period.

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