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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Tandy Radio Shack  1000 SX computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message! For other purposes like sales messages, hardware & software questions or information requests, please use our main forum.

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Thursday 27th July 2017
Brent Goeller (United States)

Why do you guys talk in past tense? Mine is still played by my kids. Mine is seriously upgraded and maxed out. I debate all the time on restoring the yellow case, but I''m afraid if I completely tear it down, it won''t turn back on when I put it back together. There are some awesome mods available to use SD cards out there so you don''t need the floppies anymore. I learned to program on this computer in 1990.

Monday 24th August 2015
Roberto (Panama)

I stand corrected, the 8088 was the correct model of cpu, a variant of 8086 with "turbo" mode... (I got it in my head the other way around, but a few searches made me remember 8086,286,386...), I loved that computer btw, King''s Quest II was a delight for that time and my age...(never played the I :( )

Monday 24th August 2015
Robert (Panama)
VortecsMaster Blog

I''m pretty sure the processor was an 8086, slight different than the 8088... can you confirm?

Monday 11th August 2014
scott (Ohio/USA)

I have this model.. Still works too.As does the printer that came with it.
My dad used it to do alot of his writing before I updated him to a Linux pc

Back in the day I added Ram to it so the 1000sx could get max of 640k It needed that in order to run software like
Spinnakers eight-in-one
still love to find a HD for it.

Thursday 2nd June 2011

My first computer was a 1000sx and as I got to play Tandy 16-color games like Black Couldron and King''s Quest, tetris, it was a treat. The DMP-130 though didn''t work well

Friday 27th August 2010
Carl (usa)

This was my first computer and it was amazing for the time. A friend bought me Starflight and I played it around the clock for 2 days. Games were hard to find back then but I met a teacher who ran the computer dept. for the Caddo Parish school system and I didn''t have that problem anymore. I wish the games today were as much fun as back then.

Thursday 19th February 2009
Jim (USA)

This was my first "real" computer! My buddy worked at Tandy in Ft. Worth and scored an employee deal ($500?). I was Hot Stuff amongst the clan when we got the 20 meg HD . . . Explaining you could put about SIXTY current day floppies on it!

Thursday 19th February 2009
Jim (USA)

It was a real work-horse for the price and era. We had one in a college apartment that was used and abused and never missed a beat. I was still using it with a daisly wheel printer in ''93 to start a business.

Tuesday 2nd October 2007
Matt (Michigan)

I recently recieved one of these, but mine has 1 5" floppy drive, and 1 3" drive.

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