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P > PHILIPS  > Videopac G7200     

Videopac G7200

The Videopac G7200 is basically a Videopac G7000 or Videopac C52 (see this entry for more info) with a 9'' (23 cm) built-in black & white display.

Videopac systems already had a keyboard which made them look like a computer though there were not. But with the G7200 and its built-in screen, the resemblance is striking, though this is still not a computer...

As said above, the display is only black & white, which makes some Videopac games difficult to play when there are based on color shapes and objects. The G7200 was to be used when the "one family TV" was occupied by the parents. The G7200 could then be (not easily for a children) moved to a bedroom for endless fun (as they said). And when the main TV was free, it was possible to connect the G7200 to it, and to enjoy crisp & colorful display through its SCART video cable!

The two controller connectors are placed discreetly on the front side, under the keyboard. There are three different knobs to adjust diffetent settings : display contrast, display brightness and volume control. Quite handy.

Appart from that it is nothing more than a classic Videopac system with a built-in display, compact keyboard and a few added options...

Schneider and Radiola also marketed this model under thier own brand : Schneider 7200 and Radiola JET 27, both using a blue case. Philips even marketed later a compacter model called Philips N60, using a Minitel 1A (french teletext terminal) case.



I have got a Vectrex from eBay and now am considering about Videopac. Since I have got my Veccy safe and sound, I suppose it''s quite possible to transfer a Videopac by mail. Just make sure that the seller marks it as ''FRAGILE'' upon postage.

Saturday 12th May 2012
Lady Eklipse (Ukraine)
Lady Eklipse''s videogaming blog

Anyone know if it''s possible to use The Voice with this?

Sunday 26th July 2009
Bill Loguidice (New Jersey, USA)
Armchair Arcade

The machine is very fragile and difficult to take apart without braking anything. Mailing it without damage is almost impossible and should not be attempted if not completely necessary. So buying one from eBay and expecting it to arrive with no damage is not very smart as a friend of mine noticed when he got his machine.

Wednesday 23rd February 2005
Taneli Lukka (Finland)


NAME  Videopac G7200
ORIGIN  Netherlands
YEAR  january 1983
CONTROLLERS  Two 8-directions self-centered joysticks with fire button
CPU  Intel 8048 microcontroller
SPEED  1.79 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR  Video Display Controller (VDC): Custom Intel IC generating all audio & video
RAM  64 bytes (8048 internal RAM) + 128 bytes
ROM  1 KB (system BIOS)
GRAPHIC MODES  154 x 100
COLORS  Black & white built-in display. 12 colors using an external color display through video output
SOUND  Beeper
SIZE / WEIGHT  Unknown
I/O PORTS  Cartridge slot, 2 x controller connectors, video output (SCART)
MEDIA  Cartridges
NUMBER OF GAMES  More than 60 cartridges
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply unit
PRICE  1500 FF (France, jan. 1983)

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