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Welcome to, the most popular website for old computers.
Have a trip down memory lane re-discovering your old computer, console or software you used to have.

There are actually 1244 systems in the museum.


Olivetti introduced a mainframe about 1960 which was called ELEA, then in 1965 the Programma 101 - which was probably the world's first real desktop computer. Then a little later they introduced the Audiotronic range of "office computers". The first was the A770, which was replaced by the A7. The A5 was the desktop version. The Olivetti Audit 5 or A5 was largely an electro mechanical computer. It printed via a golf ball typewritter mechanism at the astonishing speed of 16 character per second...
The TA 1600 system was introduced in 1983 at the CeBIT (which was only a part of the "Hannover-Messe" by that time). TA showed a few sample applications and the 1600 family in general. Triumph Adler's hardware included also the 1600/20-3 which was supplied with a permanent-swap-HDD-unit. This unit had a memory/storage capacity of 2 x 8 MB (Winchester technology). Triumph Adler said the system (the 1600) will fit the demand of medium-sized businesses, due to the facts that these companies w...
MIDWICH Microcontroller
Called the Midwich Microcontroller, this British computer was developped to provide a small desktop micro capable of running other equipment throug a variety of interface cards. In 1979 an Italian IC manufacturer designed and began to sell a single board micro system that could be expanded to a full system with a VDU, discs, etc. Called the Nanocomputer, it was manufactured by SGS Ates and one of the distributors in the UK was Midwich. The Nano was somewhat expensive and suffered from a numbe...
RADIONIC Model R1001
This is an extremly rare TRS-80 Model 1 clone, based on an other clone: The Komtek 1 (from Germany). It's equiped with a Level II basic and powered by a Zilog Z80 cpu. _________ Contributors : Incog...
BASF 7100
The BASF 7000 systems are professional computers from Germany. They seem to be based on the Microterm II Intelligent Terminal by Digi-Log Systems, Inc. There were several models in the 7000 serie....
PCC 2000 is a professional computer released in 1978. It was designed in 1978 by Pertec, the company which merged with MITS by the end of 1976. The PCC is conceived as a monobloc machine, where the display and two 8" floppy disk drives are built-in the main case. The mechanical keyboard offers separated numeric and editing keypads. The system is powered by an Intel 8085 microprocessor and offers 64 KB RAM. The whole thing was apparently delivered with an extended Basic language, which has...
TAP 34 is a self design of Terta company from Hungary. Primarily it was designed as a terminal for big computer systems but it was also able to process data alone. The main integrated circuits were assembled in the USSR and in Hungary by Tungsram, but several parts were imported from other countries. The built-in monitor was a DME-28 monochrome CRT made by Orion. This company was famous for its televisions in Hungary and the other KGST countries. The floppy drive attached to the compute...
Based on the MCM 70 / 700 (see this entry for more info), the MCM 800 followed in 1976. It was faster, included 16 KB RAM (instead of 8 KB for the 700), and included the ability to drive an external monitor. Among other things, MCM 800s were used in one of the first french industrial network called Gixinet (along with ARCnet). This was a token-bus type network developped by the Gixi company....
The Imlac PDS-1 is a graphical minicomputer made by Imlac Corporation (founded in 1968) of Needham, Massachusetts. The PDS-1 debuted in 1970 and is considered to be the predecessor of all later graphical minicomputers and modern computer workstations. The PDS-1 had a built-in display list processor and 4096 16-bit words of core RAM. The PDS-1 used a vector display processor for displaying vector graphics as opposed to the raster graphics of modern computer displays. The PDS-1 was often used with...
COMMODORE  C64 Golden Jubilee
Between 1984 (in the U.S.) and 1986 (in Germany), Commodore International celebrated the 1,000,000 machines sold mark in these respective countries by issuing special "Gold" editions of the Commodore C64. These machines were regular C64 models, except they were Golden-colored and fixed on a commemorative plate. The following information comes from Death Adder : Until December 1986, 1,000,000 Commodore 64s were sold in Germany. On this occasion, Commodore Buromaschinen GmbH (...

The Acorn A4 was the laptop version of the Acorn Archimedes and was one of the first RISC laptops (and by the way, one of the most powerful - five times faster than a 50 MHz 486 for some operations). The operating system (RISC OS 3.10) was located in the 2 MB ROM. The 9'' LCD screen could only display 14 shades of grey, but used a clever dithering system to make more shades apparent. The A4 could be used for about 3 hours with its internal batteries. ...
When the Keyboard Component project was canceled, Mattel searched in a hurry to produce a small and cheap computer. They contacted Radofin Electronics Far East, based in Hong-Kong, who was manufacturing most of the Intellivision products. Radofin had just developped a line of three Z80 based computers. Mattel decided to sell the two first under their brand. The Aquarius 1 and 2 were born. The Mattel Aquarius used a special version of the Microsoft Basic....
The Visual 1050. Entered into the PC battles mid-80s from the now defunct Visual Technology company (most famous for video terminals at the time). This CP/M based machine was tailored to Wordstar with a specialized keyboard featuring all the wordstar function keys. Graphic capabilities were managed by a second 6502 processor. It was delivered with a set of Digital Research software, including CP/M, C-BASIC compiler, DR-GSX (graphic extensions), as well as WordStar (Word processor), Mai...
The Apple II+ was the successor to the Apple II. It was fully compatible with the Apple II. It, however, had new features: - a new ROM holding the AppleSoft Basic (floating point version written by Microsoft), - a new auto-start (stored in ROM) for easier start-up and screen editing, - 48 KB RAM, - text modes were the same as the Apple II, but the graphics modes were enhanced, they're the same as the Apple 2e : 16 colours at low resolution and 6 colours a...
The Sanco TPC-8300 was made in Japan by Alps, the company that also made the famous mini 4-colour plotter-printer one found connected to numerous home computers and professionnal devices. Alps probably took part in the design of the Sharp PC-1500. The appearence of the TPC-8300 was thus close to the PC-1500's although all the features of the computer were laid down by the French Sanco company. In spite of a 2-line display the computer had no success in Fren...
YAMAHA  YIS-503 / Diabolik
This Yamaha computer is specialised in music and sound production. In fact it is a classic MSX 1, but if you bought the special Yamaha synthesizer and piano keyboard, then it was clearly different. You got 48 pre-recorded sounds with a quality really surprising for that time, and as it is real synth, you could change or create you own sounds. The YIS-503 is in fact the same computer as the Yamaha CX5M, but it has not got the SFG-...
From 1950 to 1965, electronic analogue vacuum-tube computers were used to design, test and run civilian and military equipment like aircraft, ships or rockets. The first systems were very expensive. However, components cost (especially vacuum tubes) was steadily decreasing. In 1960, Heath Company launched the Heathkit EC-1, the first analogue computer (almost) anyone could afford. It was sold in kit or pre-assembled forms and was quickly and widely used in industry and universities. Unli...
Little is known about this Slovak clone of the ZX Spectrum. One of its particularity is that it has a separated reset button and two joystick ports (1 Kempston + 1 Sinclair). But both joystick ports have non-standard connectors. The ULA (video chip) is different from the one used in the original Spectrum. It's a russian circuitry, and it results in the screen being square instead of rectangle. Because of these russian ICs, the Diaktik M was actually much mo...
SEGA SC 3000 / SC 3000H
The SC-3000 is a computer based on the hardware of the first videogame systems released by Sega in Japan : the SG-1000 series. It can use the same game cartridges marketed for these consoles. The SC3000 can't be used without a ROM cartridge, which can be either a game or language. There were three different BASIC cartridges. One came with only 1Kb of RAM (and you had only 512 bytes free !), the second with 16Kb and the last with 32Kb. In official adverts, they show a total RAM of 48Kb. This w...
NEC  PC 8801
The NEC PC 8801 was the successor of PC 8001. It offered fine colour graphics. It had an optional MS-Dos board. It was one of the fist, if not the first color CPM computer. It ran in three bootable modes: CPM, MS-Dos, and N88-Basic. The N-Basic would natively boot on the system without disk, just like the PC 8001. It also had a software / hardware switch to turn it into PC 8001 mode. ...

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Victor / Hector 1

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PC 8300

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Logabax sticker

LX-500 series

Not really an IMSAI!


U.S. Advert #4(1980)


Charlie Chaplin #4

PC - Model 5150

Australian Tandy cat...

Portable Wordprocessor WP-2 / WP-3

Christmas 1982

Color Computer

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PC-1210 / 1211 / 1212

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Strapping man!


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CBM 700 Series

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Tandy 1988 catalog

1000 EX

Jacquard brochure #5...

J100 - J500

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500 Series

Advert (june 1982)

Goupil 2


MZ 700

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In schools #2

MICRAL 80/22

64 bits in 1983?



Paul Norris
I worked for DMS from 1983 through 1985 in NY as their Eastern Region Support Manager. (we sold to Columbia University Teachers College to name a few). We were in charge of the distributers on the eastern half of the US.

I was put into business by DMS and was given 1/3 of all inventory remaining after the sale. It was shipped cross country from Oakland to my new warehouse. The unit you were speaking of was the DMS816 which was a PC Dos version on the HiNet lan.

I still have some equipment of theirs if anyone wants to fork over thier life savings : ).

I also still have many repair parts including DRAM and power supplies which I will part with.

Michael Harpe
That was also the machine that Network General used to build the first Ethernet sniffer. I worked with one of those back in the day.

I cut my teeth on this machine, learning program literally by copying the listings from magazines, and then figuring out which part did what action or sequence. My dad bought this machine for me when it was already discontinued, but as a poor family, we didn''t care. I love this machine to this day, and it is still connected to my tv.

ATT PC 6300
I am looking for a new home for my AT$T computer. Any interest?

Nick Holland
VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Visual 1083 / Commuter
Richard Groves reported that his had an 8086 processor (true 16 bit) rather than the 8088 processor of the PC and most compatibles. I had reason to open my Visual Commuter today as the power supply had failed, but mine clearly has an 8088 in it (well...clearly after I got the magnifier out. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. :-/ ). I can only speak for the one I own, but I suspect they are all 8088 based.

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